What is enlightenment?

What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment is the understanding that life is a great mystery, enlightenment is the understanding that you are this mystery.

There is no way to explain life without referring to an indescribable superior power, otherwise you have unexplained phenomenon.

You become aware of the unknowable that makes everything possible,

You become aware of the invaluable experience of life itself which is non-measurable.

You become aware that life cannot be taken for granted, and that life is a miracle because it is impossible to explain.

It is possible to describe the phenomenon called life, but the initial reason for life cannot be explained.

You become aware that life is governed by divine laws.

You understand that you could not have thought of all of this by yourself.

No words can truly describe the truth of life, but you CAN become one with it.

This knowing, this understanding, is enlightenment.


By being aware of all existence, we can come to know that the source of all that is, must be a superior intelligence that we cannot explain.

This existence that we call our life, is of amazing splendor, beyond any imagination, and we are all ‘that’.

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