Victor or victim

Victor or victim

We have to decide for ourselves – either we are a victim or a victor of life.

The difference between the two is our state of mind, and we can choose either one.

If we chose to be a victim, then we don’t have to do much. It is very easy to be a victim.

To be a victim doesn’t require of us any effort, any internal work, any demands,

and we can simply blame others or circumstances as we see fit.


Choosing to be a victor, open us up to infinite possibilities for improving our life.

To be a victor demands that we put all of our grudges aside,

To be a victor requires a willingness to learn and to change.

To be a victor demands tremendous effort; being aware of ourselves, seeing our mistakes and correcting them.

Doing internal work begins with not treating others the way we do not want to be treated.

Also, when we meet a nice and smiling person, the heart always opens and responds accordingly – so we need to find the strength to be kind to others first.

Like any good story, only after enduring hardships, does the hero finely make it and live happily ever after.


What do you choose?

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