True freedom

True freedom

People want to be free so…

They talk about enlightenment,

They talk about non-duality,

They talk about non-attachment,

They talk about meditation,

They talk about yoga, ‘union’, ‘connection’,

They talk about Self-Awareness … consciousness,

To gain true freedom you have to be aware that all of this talking is merely a concept in the mind, eventually you will have to go beyond all of this, and ask yourself –  who in me is in bondage, who in me wants to be free and free from what?

Isn’t it just another concept?

You have to inquire into where all of these ideas are coming from.

Only when you experience things for yourself it is no longer a concept.

True freedom comes when you experience enlightenment or non-duality, union, or connection within yourself.

There is only the “one” which “I” is, non-duality means exactly that, there is no relationship in the world because there is only the “one”, whatever that is. And the world itself is only a concept of our mind.

That is why when you experience all that knowing, you are aware and feel that still there is no knowing.

That is the paradox of life itself, life is a mystery and you may say that:

“The answer is the riddle itself”

There is true freedom in experiencing the mystery of “no knowing”.

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