The Simplicity of Being Yourself

The Simplicity of Being Yourself

Nowadays, most individuals rarely feel free to be themselves.

We have become accustomed to “perform” at work, at home, at all times. We “perform” for their colleagues, friends, family and even for ourselves.

When we are performing, we are not true to ourselves.

Not being true to ourselves, not living in Truth drains our vital energy. At the end of the day we feel weakened and empty. As our energies become depleted, our life does not flow in harmony and in peace.

No one enjoys being in a situation where we cannot be ourselves.
Wearing a mask – some of us call it ego – creates tension within us.
Only when alone is our tension released.

When we stop being in “acting mode” and are simply just ourselves, the tension in our mind and body dissolves; we feel a sort of joyous release.

Mediation, by helping us become more aware, can help us reconnect to our elusive true self.

Only we can be responsible – no matter what the circumstances –  to preserve our unique individuality and strength of character.

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