The Mind

We may look at our minds as a control box.
For most people, at the present time, this control box is controlling them.
People may see themselves as awake and conscious but they are not.
They are not, because if they were, they would not do things that hurt themselves,  others and nature.
As we mentioned in “Spiritual Responsibility” we have to take hold of our mind.
A mind that is not controlled is a ‘Conspiracies Mind’ that justifies wrong doing.
With an undisciplined mind we are like a puppet.
The undisciplined mind is the source of lots of problems.
This control box, our mind with the right discipline can become our ally and protect us from any confusion.
An undisciplined mind is cluttered, and can be easily influenced by others because of our inability to think things out for ourselves.
Most minds have a lot of mental baggage of ideas and concepts,
A lot of thinking patterns that don’t serve us.
And more over, most people are accustomed to attributing more wisdom to others than they do to themselves.
When we take hold of our minds, we take hold of our lives.

Are you in default mode…?

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