The call of love

The call of love

What everyone wants in the end is to receive love.

Giving love to each other has a therapeutic effect on us.

Both sides, the giver and the receiver, enjoy it.

Giving love means conducting ourselves with a loving attitude.

To give love at all times to everything – we may say that this is enlightenment.

We have all heard that love is the answer; blessed are those who answer the call of love.

He who answers the call of love will be transformed completely.

Whoever we are, wherever we are and whatever is our present situation,

We should do our best to answer the call of love in our everyday life.

Our willingness to answer the call – as much as each and every one of us can – is most important.

This is more than enough.

No body expect us to be superman; all that is required is a simple truthful honest loving attitude.

We all have that attitude occasionally when we feel like.

Everyone wishes to, but few truly answer the call of love.

Still – today, many more people than before are answering the call of love.

You don’t lack anything, just listen to your heart and do your best to answer the call.

Our essence is goodness, we are built that way, we feel our best when we give and receive love.

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