Stainless Mind

Stainless Mind

When you are truly thirsty, things become clear – you are not confused by the choice of coffee, tea or juice – you simply want ‘just’ water. (Stainless Mind)

The Stainless Mind is clean, sharp and incisive – it is the mind of one who truly wants to know and experience the mystery of life, of one who has reached Spiritual Readiness.

The inseparable companions of the Stainless Mind are sincerity and integrity.

You should strive to be the emperor of your own inner world; the compassionate master of your emotions, mind and body.

Only when you realize that you can never fully control what is going on outside of yourself and you surrender to that understanding, can real peace be experienced.

However, whereas the outside world is beyond your control, your inner world/self is the only domain you can truly and fully control.

The ability to apply this insight will give you joy.

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