Spiritual Sight

Spiritual Sight

When you only use your five senses to perceive life, one may say that you see life in two dimensions only. Whatever you perceive is just the surface of life and it is the same as looking at a two-dimensional picture.

Spiritual Sight, some of us call it the third eye, is the ability to see a third dimension, to perceive the full depth of life.

You can develop the ability to see into things, to sense the inner atmosphere and reality of others, and of any situation.

In order for you to gain Spiritual Sight you have to gain internal sight first in other words to be willing to look into the depths of your Being.

The degree to which you perceive life in all its dimensions is directly related to the extent to which you are truly self-aware.

When you are willing to look inside, understand and deal with the depth of your own self, you can sense the full richness and complexity of being, in others and in any situation.

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