Spiritual Responsibility

Spiritual Responsibility

To be truly responsible is to understand that we have to take hold of our mind.

A mind that is not controlled is a ‘Conspiracies Mind’.

A ‘Conspiracies Mind’ steers us away from common sense, it steers us away from honesty, honor and integrity. A ‘Conspiracies Mind’ justifies wrong doing.

We cannot break universal laws or bend them without experiencing the consequences.

We may call our ‘Conspiracies Mind’ the Luciferian-mind that fell from heaven.

Our state of mind depends on the mental nutrition we feed our mind.

What we read, watch, say and think and so on.

Either we choose to be the guardian of our self and the world by stopping selfishness from overcoming our intuitive knowing of right and wrong, or we keep suffering the consequences.

It is always our choice and it must come voluntarily.

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