Spiritual Practice

All great attributes require Spiritual Practice.

For instance; kindness, mildness, goodness, and so on are something that need to be practiced and nourished, like any discipline, in order to crystalize into an attitude.

It takes time, even a life time to master these great attributes.

Spiritual Practice is the cultivation and practice of ruling our minds, emotions and body.

True change can never be accomplished without Spiritual Practice.

Everything needs to be practiced in order to be excelled at.

For example, if we want to learn an art or a skill, we must forego a great deal of time and energy to master it; a doctor spends years in training to be a physician.

Whatever the field of our choice, its mastery requires consistent training.


But most importantly and above all, is Spiritual Practice which enables us to balance our mindset, our emotions, our body, our attitude and behavior.

This can save us a lot of trouble, and misfortunes.

If we cannot balance our minds, our emotional attitudes, then we are probably experiencing some kind of difficulties in our life.

And it is all due to not being in control of our faculties.

These difficulties may teach us the value of learning how to run our internal affairs and why Spiritual Practice is very important and necessary.

We may say that everybody is Practicing in one way or another, in his or her life.

Most people are not even aware of it and they may Practice in the wrong ways.

For example, if we get used to complaining, it is like the Practice of complaining.

We become very good at it and we can complain about everything all the time.

For some of us certain attitudes come easier than to others and vice versa.

What are you Practicing in your life?

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