Spiritual Achievement

We cannot be converted into salvation.

We cannot have Spiritual Achievement and solve our problems just by going to church or synagogue.

Or just by meditating, practicing yoga, chanting mantras, studying the scriptures etc.

Spiritual Practice has to be part of our everyday life; literally change the way we conduct ourselves.

We should become aware of what we are doing with our life.

We are used to looking at others faults, yet we fail to see our own.

We want to teach others, but fail to teach ourselves.

In short nobody likes to do his own homework.

The moment we start looking at ourselves, is the moment we may begin to change.

Spiritual Achievement is being stable and balanced within ourselves.

Spiritual Achievement is feeling at home with all that is.

Spiritual Achievement is connecting with the deep silence within ourselves.

Spiritual Achievement is becoming more understanding of ourselves, others and life itself.

Spiritual Achievement is the embodiment of all that is good, noble and divine.

Spiritual Achievement is the fulfillment of what our existence is all about, to become better than we already are – every day.

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