Simplicity of being

Simplicity of being

A devotee complained to the master and asked: “Why is life so difficult?”

The master answered: “Because we have lost our Simplicity of Being. All human beings have basic needs which need to be met for their continued existence and mental well-being. These needs just arise for different people at different times and with different intensities. But they are universal and common to all human beings.

We have lost our Simplicity of Being because we have gone beyond these basic needs; we spend our lives struggling to fulfill unnecessary desires and cravings. It is no longer as simple as: “we are thirsty, we drink – we are tired, we sleep”.

When we don’t live in the Simplicity of Being, life becomes difficult and complicated. In order to return to Simplicity, we have to let go of a lot of false beliefs regarding the things we truly need in life.

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