Self-retreat, wherever we are, in everyday life.

It is as simple as making a decision.

For example, we can decide to stop complaining, and see what comes up instead.

Such a decision challenges us with a new situation.

There is no doubt that many things will arise that can teach us about ourselves.

That is one way to go, there are endless ways to do a self-retreat.

We can read a good book that challenge our minds, our way of thinking.

Whenever we do not use our usual patterns, we automatically becomes aware of ourselves.

Challenged by a new situation makes us confront ourselves. .

Another kind of retreat is to take time off and ponder about our way of life.

Retreat can help us to be more familiar with ourselves.

Our willingness is important, it has tremendous effect.

When a new situation is forced upon us, we can use it to do retreat.

We can simply use our daily tasks, wherever we are and whoever we are with, to be at our best at any given moment is a form of retreat also. It keeps us alert.

We should try to enjoy it as a new discovery.

We may look at it as a form of art.

True self-retreat is us being aware of our inner space in which everything happened.

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