Self-Integrity is a key element of a satisfying and fulfilling life;

Self-Integrity both towards others and one’s self.

Simple honesty can improve one’s life dramatically.

When one wants to get to the truth of a matter, one has to be straightforward with one’s own self. Being honest can help one cut off one’s own web of delusion.

One should use common sense to align with one’s heart which is simple honesty.

One may look at one’s own Self-Integrity as a guide that leads one to the right track.

Self-Integrity is practical wisdom, seeing things as they truly are.

Nowadays it is hard to be – and rare to find – an individual who is completely honest with himself or herself.

As one begins to practice Self-Integrity with oneself and others, over time it becomes easy and natural.


As the sages have said: “There is no time like the present”.

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