Whatever is written in our identity card does not mean that, it is who we are.

By the same token when the calendar shows that today is Sunday, it does not mean that it is truly Sunday. Every day is just a day, the names are arbitrary.

Our name, age, and gender are arbitrary, we are none of those.

Whatever we think of ourselves can never be what we truly are.

What we are, can never be pointed to.

We are an enigma.

A baby does not have an ‘I’, he is one with all that is.

As we grow up we develop an identity in our mind,

But whatever is in our mind cannot be us.

What we are is beyond reason, logic, and rationalization.

As long as we consider ourselves as separate beings, we will experience a dissonance in our life.

What we truly are stays beyond words, beyond concept and we could say beyond knowing.

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