Self-concept is how a person perceives his own abilities, weaknesses, attitudes and values, those of others and of the world itself.

When we identify with our self-concept / mind-concept, without analyzing it we may run into difficulty.

We may feel that we cannot put up with ourselves any more, we may be afraid of ourselves, or we can be angry at ourselves, or not love ourselves and so on and so forth.

And in the same way, we can feel these feelings about others or about the world itself.

All of these feelings and suffering arise because we let whatever concepts we may believe in determine our perception of ourselves and the world, without verifying them.

Hence we put ourselves under a lot of pressure, a sort of violence we inflict upon ourselves. It is a source of great misunderstanding and suffering.

When we succeed in viewing ourselves and the world without any predetermined concepts in our mind we may say that we are looking at reality as it truly is. And not what our mind concept says it is.

All the stories that we tell ourselves and others are just stories, it can never be the essence itself.

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