Realizing truth

Realizing truth

Realizing truth means a state of “being” truth itself.

In order for us to realize the truth within ourselves,

we must strive to become the truth that we seek.

Whatever we decide to do in order to realize truth – meditation, yoga, mantras, studying the scriptures, being in the presence of guru, etc.  – we have to cultivate that truth within us.

For example, living the truth of “love your neighbor as thyself”,

means that we have to strive to fulfill that statement in our everyday behaviors towards everyone and everything to the best of our ability, literally.


It is not easy to cultivate right mind, right speech, right intentions and right acts.

It takes tremendous effort at first, and one has to be consistent.

For the advance disciple, it becomes second nature,

For the master, it becomes first nature.


When we become a master of the truth – we become one with the truth.

We can no longer be anything but truth itself.

We can no longer have ulterior motives,

Because we realize that whatever we do, we do to ourselves.


The intensity and maturity of all of the above, depends on the intensity of our internal fire to seek and realize the truth.

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