principles of simplicity

The principle of simplicity

To be simple is usually very complicated.

The principle of simplicity says that simple, is simple.

In other words, when things are truly simple there is nothing to think about, No ‘if’s – there are no questions and no need for any answers. Everything is simple and self-explanatory.

We have grown accustomed to thinking to a great extent about everything, until “simple” became complicated. We have gotten used to the idea that this is how life is, and there is not much we can do about it.

Everything seems complicated until you know it. Once you know, it doesn’t really matter how complicated it is; suddenly it forever becomes simple.

Every human being in the world would like life to be experienced without fear, anger, blame, shame, sadness, anxiety, concern and hate. Nonetheless, only a small number are able to achieve that. When they yell out: “we’ve arrived”, “it’s possible”, and “it’s true”, most of us simply refuse to believe, and some say that they repress their feelings, and are not honest with themselves.

How can that be true?


And that is how we think without even blinking.

But maybe there is another way of looking at things. A way where one experiences a constant state of love towards everything?

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