Mental Confusion

Mental confusion is created as a result of a life devoid of spiritual direction.

We are indoctrinated to live according to a set of ways.

We are proud to say that we are civilized and cultured people – but that we are no longer natural. We have become domesticated people.

The reality of today is that we are living an artificial construct in almost every area of our life.

It is all due to the “money factor” that dictates every aspect of our life.

Everything comes down to money, the bottom line that dominates our life.

This “money factor” controls almost every aspect of our life – education, medicine, economics, religion, law, culture. By doing so, it steers us away from our true calling in life and robs us of life itself.

This is why many people feel deep down a feeling of emptiness.

It is like a splinter stuck in their mind that causes mental confusion.

Something is wrong with the way we live, and we cannot quite figure out what it is, because since we were born we have been indoctrinated into this way of life.

Most people feel deep inside that the construct of our current civilized world is far from what it ought to be.

They cannot explain that feeling, nor do they know how to create a life as they feel it ought to be.

This is the source of much suffering.

We cannot ever be truly satisfied with our life, banish our mental confusion or feeling of emptiness – unless we connect to our own true nature and abide by it.  

Then you can feel complete and everlasting satisfaction.

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