Meditation is an spiritual art of introspection.

Introspection of what is going on in our minds, our emotions and body.

Meditation is an art that we can develop gradually.

Meditation is being aware of how we relate to the world around us and how it impacts our inner world.

What we think, what we feel, and why.

Usually our attention is directed outside of ourselves to the extent that we do not pay attention to ourselves and our conduct.

This is the source of a lot misunderstanding.

We do not have to sit in a closed room in order to meditate,

We can meditate while doing anything.

Meditation can help us set things straight within us,

And help us to better understand ourselves.

By meditating, we return to our natural state;

Being aware of the inside as much as you are of the outside.

How far from your natural state are you?

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