Gnosis – esoteric knowledge of spiritual truth

15 heart beats to gnosis:

“Nothing can save you from your situation as long as you believe in false assumptions, which are the root of all your problems and hardship. Realizing that is the key to freedom”

“True faith is letting go, not holding on”

“To be completely cleansed from all beliefs, all ideas, all concepts of what life is about is true freedom”

“No one can be the judge of right or wrong about things that happen in life, even suffering has a purpose. We can only learn to minimize the suffering of one another”

“Ensure that the motives behind your actions are honorable and leave the rest in God’s hands”

“You always are, even when the world is gone. You are more real than the world around you”

“Your greatest enemies are your greatest teachers”

“Your life is real to the degree that you are real.

In other words, it is your truthfulness that makes life real.

You rob your life of the truth which is the essence of your being

Without it, you are only fooling yourself.

You are always creating and rehearsing your future”

“The most important things in life cannot be bought. They are priceless.

In order to obtain these priceless things we have to become worthy of them”

“People are like flowers, in order for them to open up they need proper nourishment”

“The world never changes, only we do”

“Deal with the now, the rest will be taken care of”

“Life’s mission is all the little things we do”

“Only when we do our chores can we truly relax”

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