Experiencing and knowing

We may say that experiencing and knowing are synonymous.

Knowing is experience, experience is knowing.

Experience is the privilege and advantage of knowing for certain.

We cannot have true knowing without experience.

Without an experience all we have is a mental concept.


Self-experience is the basis of any knowing.

For example;

We all know what a burn is and how it feels.

We all know what sugar tastes like.

The root of this knowing is our experiences.

We may or may not have the words to describe this knowing,

But when we are in the know there is no more confusion regarding these matters.


We can describe the taste of sugar as much as we can to someone,

But then he will have a mental concept of sugar.

In order to know sugar, he will need to experience sugar,

Meaning he will have to taste sugar for himself.


There is a big difference between hearing someone’s description

of a situation and experiencing the situation for ourselves.

Experience is the best teacher we could have.

Experience can teach us right from wrong, we can all know from our experiences what is good or bad.


This is the power of experience knowing.

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