A bond which requires no words

A bond which requires no words

Anyone who has experienced parenting or has ever had a pet is able to understand the meaning of a connection, a bond without words.
At times, among close friends and certain relatives we are able to feel this bond. For example, sometimes parents claim that their baby is talking to them, even though the baby cannot really speak. Some would swear that their dog or cat are communicating.

Furthermore, we learn to understand other people’s desires and needs when no words are spoken. This bond is based on feelings and emotions which we experience while being around them. Sometimes we even reach a state in which we know things in an “unmediated way”, simply “because”. So, we learn that we are able to take a giant leap, and feel it with life in its entirety (albeit without words). That is, with all the connotations the word “life” implies.

Once we cultivate such a bond with life, we are able to sense and feel life’s heartbeat and urges — for each one and each thing as part of a whole.
At times we know things but cannot explain how we know them… every so often we get tangled up with words when trying to clarify what we know and the reason is that in actuality we only have a feeling of knowing and nothing else. Therefore, such a bond can only be conveyed without words. For example: we need actually own an animal in order to comprehend such a situation (a relationship without words). It is a perception outside the realm of words, beyond any word which could be said or written.

But we still need words so each word, said or written, simply points in the same direction of “no words”.
Occasionally, only one word would suffice to describe a whole book, but there is only one word which can describe an entire life and that word is:

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