Best Friend

Be your own Best Friend first of all.

There is nothing more important than this in life.

A Best Friend always helps us, always has good words of advice and in general is there for us.

When we become our own Best Friend, we add air to our sails, not take it away.

Every negative thought we have of ourselves is injuring us.

Every time we blow the air out of our sails, we drain away our power to set things straight.

Whenever we waste our time on negative thought, our emotions drain our power, our vitality.

Being our own Best Friend helps us learn from our mistakes and not agonize over them.

To be our Best Friend means to call upon our Inner Strength to guide us.

When we fulfill our duty to ourselves we fulfill our duty to the world.

When we are o.k. and happy, everyone else around us benefits from our happiness.

Only a happy individual can truly be whole and a good Best Friend.

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