Awakening is becoming aware of a higher dimension of experience.

Awakening is the unfolding of a higher state of consciousness.

‘Higher’ because it is a wider perspective regarding the nature of reality.

Awakening is a sudden understanding of many things within ourselves that we cannot explain.

Awakening is knowing why we are here, where we come from and where we are going.

Awakening is to know the meaning of existence, without words.

Awakening is to have insights into things that we’ve gone through.

Awakening turns the complexity of life into beautiful simplicity.

Awakening is to stop looking for the end result because there is not end to it.

At the beginning frustration may arise because we cannot tell anyone else about it.

We can try but sooner or later we realize the impossibility of communicating this state.

Inability because this understanding cannot be put into words, we can only describe this state.

But deep down we have an infallible inner knowing and whatever we know is between ourselves alone.

We cannot explain how it happened but we do know why it happened.

It happened because of a deep strong yearning to understand life.

A deep strong yearning because it becomes a matter of ‘life or death’.

It is the realization that the unforgivable sin is to let whatever is inside of us die while we live.

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